“As head of procurement for a large national infrastructure organisation, I was tasked with finding a fresh approach to the joint venture supplier procurement process.  Traditionally suppliers were chosen based on rate and value for money however our challenge as an organisation was to identify potential suppliers ability to work collaboratively and demonstrate alignment to our core values as part of the process.  We didn’t know if this could be done, and contacted Maytrix Group to discuss the provision of a behavioural assessment and cultural alignment selection process. The Maytrix team listened in detail to our unique requirements and were able to offer a comprehensive range of solutions that met our specific needs.  They allocated a dedicated behavioural assessment specialist to be on hand to work with our team and demonstrated real flexibility when our requirements changed.  The outcomes achieved along with the response from my business and the suppliers involved has surpassed all of my expectations.  Thank you Maytrix for delivering an amazing service.”

Align JV

"This is a little note to say thank you so much for a fabulous set of Lunch & Learn webinars during lockdown. Your sessions have been inspiring, through provoking practical and encouraging. They have moved me forwards with my new team and been the right amount of stretch and challenge. Your support has made all the difference, making me feel more confident." 

Kerry Longo - Bedford College