What Is The CaMkOx Arc?

What Is The CaMkOx Arc?

26 Oct 06:00 by Dorjee


The growth corridor, the brains belt or the CaMkOx arc. Many names are given to the corridor of land stretching from Cambridge, Milton Keynes and then to Oxford - but what is it?

With large investment from the government and a recognition of the talent that resides within the region, the individual clusters of Cambridge, Milton Keynes and Oxford are now able to work collectively, bringing exciting prospects to the area. 

With the right investment, the corridor has the potential to add an extra £163bn to the UK economy, 1.1m jobs and with it, 1 million new jobs.          -   Hilary Chipping, SEMLEP's Chief Executive

Individually the regions that make up the CaMkOx arc offer innovative and exciting prospects. Cambridge is host to a world class univeristy as well as technological companies who have generated 19 more patents than the national UK average. Milton Keyne's engineering, financial and professional services have a 25% higher productivity per worker than the national average. Oxford hosts the science vale, a leading hub for bioscience, medical tech and physical sciences. 

The corridor of land is able to realise its potenntial due to government backing in the form of support for a new rail line and expressway. 18 million people live within one hours drive of Milton Keynes, therefore with new and improved infrastructure the pool of talent along the corridor is only set to increase. 

"The combined region has the potential to be one of the biggest economic and property developement schemes the UK has ever seen."     -  Amanda Clark, CBRE