5 Top Video Interviewing Tips

5 Top Video Interviewing Tips

16 Jun 09:00 by Cat

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When it comes to video interviewing many candidates find it difficult to come across how they would like in front of the camera – we aren’t all natural film stars! Here at Maytrix Recruitment, we incorporate video interviewing into our recruitment process and therefore, know the little adjustments you can make which will make your recording appear just as professional as you would be in an in-person interview!


As any selfie obsessed teenager will tell you, lighting is key! A simple and quick adjustment but one which makes a lot of difference. Your potential employer wants to see you at your best, not in a dimly lit room where they are having to squint to make out your face.

A quick fix solution would be to move a lamp in front of your face but importantly behind the camera! We want the lamp to shine on your face not blind the lens.


When it comes to video interviewing, many use their laptop or computer webcam to record with - which is great! However, because of this, many candidates end up looking down to the camera leaving us with a lovely view of the inside of their noses – not a great look! Simply place some books underneath your laptop so you are looking up to the camera and avoid the dreaded double chin.



Clear out the background noise! Video interviewing is becoming more and more popular, but technology can still let us down every now and then and often it’s audio. Let whoever is near you know that you are about to film an interview and need little to no noise in the background. Furthermore, make sure that your actual background is a blank canvas. You want your potential employer to be focused on you and only you, not what ornaments are on the shelf behind you.



Act natural! It happens so often that as soon as a candidate clicks record, they turn robotic and are just regurgitate information. The whole point of a video interviewing or video CV is so your employer gets to see your personality. Take advantage of the opportunity and express yourself – intonate and use hand gestures just refrain from jazz hands!