National Apprenticeships

National Apprenticeships

10 Feb 10:00 by Daisy Craydon


It was National Apprenticeship Week last week, and we want to help you ‘Look Beyond’ and encourage everyone to see further than the outdated stereotypes surrounding apprenticeships. Instead we want to celebrate the diversity of opportunities that apprenticeships can bring to the entire nation. 


As an employer, you have a hugely critical role of encouraging apprenticeships. 


One of the most common misconceptions is that young people are hired to ‘make the tea’ and carryout the jobs that other members of staff ‘don’t want to do’. An apprenticeship scheme is all about learning, development and personal growthApprenticeships should be a seen as a credible alternative to attending university aloneAs well as learning through theory, a robust Apprenticeship scheme should provide the individual the practical skills that will allow them to reach their potential


You have the power to prove that young people have more than one option to pursue the career that they feel passionate about. Your support will not only benefit the business, but it is material in aspiring talented individuals to believe in the industry and themselves. 


There are clear advantages for the business, as suggested by a 2015 study for the Centre for Economics and Business Research, that UK firms which adopt apprenticeship schemes could generate a combined £18 billion a year in additional consumer spending. But, a direct increase in sales revenue is not the only potential benefit, as Virgin Media has found since creating its scheme in 2008. 


The Government are currently being urged to reform the apprenticeship scheme after falling short of the 3 million 2020 target. It’s something we should as employers all be getting behind – no matter how big or small we may be. 


So, we are encouraging you to look outside the stereotype and think long-term career options across a range of roles and industries. Finally, remember being an apprentice makes an impact and not gallons of tea and coffee!