International Women’s Day 2020

International Women’s Day 2020

08 Mar 19:00 by Daisy Craydon


It's International Women's Day, and we have been celebrating the talented, inspiring and fierce team of women at Maytrix Group. 

Today is all about recognising women. Women that want to make an impact. Women that have different life skills, experiences and achievements. Women that want to influence other women in business, and aspire to one another.

Here's what some of our special team had to say:

"Women's International Day is a time for us to reflect and think about all the amazing women in our life, whether these are at work, or in our family, or in our friendship groups. It’s a time to celebrate our successes, our achievements, making sure that we continue to support each other and that everyone has a voice. Happy Women's International Day one and all."

"For me being a woman in business, isn’t just about celebrating your individual success or achievements. It’s about working together to inspire others to have the confidence and self-belief to know they can also achieve above and beyond their applied limitations. In time forcing the unconscious bias that still exists in the business world to be a thing of the past."

"Being a woman in business means different things to different people at different times in their lives. For me, it means believing in myself and trusting my instinct, and that doesn't always come easily. There are people out there who will doubt you and your ability to succeed in the business world, solely because you are a woman. This has happened to me, and I am speaking from experience. Sometimes in order to be successful, you have to work harder in the face of those who doubt you, this is the time to rise to the occasion and prove to not only those people but to yourself as well, what you are capable of."

"As a woman returning to work after an extended period, is a daunting, but welcome experience. You can doubt your ability to step back into an environment that was once the biggest part of your day. The adage of ‘it’s like riding a bike’ is very much true. After a deep breath and a bit of self-belief, you can feel like you had never been away! You need to remember that whilst you may have been bringing up your family, your organisational skills and ability to multitask would have been perfected! Never believe that you are just a mum or just someone’s wife/partner you are a talented, empowered individual who can return to the workplace with a fresh pair of eyes and a different perspective. This can be invaluable and help bring diversity of approach to a team. Without doubt technology moves on and processes and procedures may change, but investment in you, to update your skills, will be money and time well spent. Whilst there will always be some that may view women, returning to the workplace, as less able or committed, the truth is likely to be very different!’"

Let this be a reminder to any women in business, women at home, women on maternity leave - you have got this, and although the world is forever changing. Let us celebrate our gender, our strengths and keep strengthening, influencing and supporting one another in being leaders, mothers, grandmothers, managers, friends, CEOs; you name it, we can do it.