Time To Remote Work And Educate

Time To Remote Work And Educate

29 Mar 13:00 by Daisy Craydon



We are now living in unprecedented times; our lives have been turned upside down, and our businesses have been forced into a place full of uncertainty and confusion. Unsurprisingly, we see many examples of the true British spirit emerging daily, as we find ourselves challenging the negaive narrative and fake news that's being bandied about news and social media channels.

Technology is allowing us to facilitate the move to home working for those whose role supports it.  For some, this will be adopted early and efficiently, however for others this will prove to be a significant change in how they manage their outputs, how they remain focused and more importantly, how they maintain their levels of wellbeing and motivation.   

Being part of ‘the team’ at the office allows for extrinsic motivation levels to remain high, as each team member creates positive energy through collaborative achievement.   Working in the office or remotely away from home, allows your employees to effectively compartmentalise homelife with work life.  Having the ability to switch off one activity whilst performing the other is critical in maintaining a highly productive working style, and by doing so enables family or personal time to re-energise you.   

To make this forced transition as successful as possible, it is important for employers to establish a mechanism that can accurately determine what is required by each ‘home worker’ on an individual basis.  The physical and psychological needs of each team member will vary significantly based on their personal situation. 

·       Is the employee used to working from home? 

·       Are they suitably equipped to work effectively from home? 

·       Will home be able to provide an effective workspace? 

·       What personality type are they - introvert or extrovert? 

It’s now that we must really measure the strength of our working relationships as trust and respect play a vital role in the success or failure of this ‘short term’ emergency home working business change.   Employers expectations of their staff’s home working productivity levels must be realistic, transparent and regularly reviewed.  Setting clear standards of communication at the onset of home working allows for employees and teams to remain connected to business as usual activity.  It also provides an effective means of actively monitoring remote workers state of health both physically and mentally.  Isolation must be avoided to maintain a positive frame of mind and healthy productivity levels. 

The Coronavirus pandemic has closed schools globally, and families are still bracing for the worst. It is a massive experiment for online educational systems, and a time to adapt to the times if you haven’t done so already. School leaders and businesses all over the world are looking to minimise the disruption on training, education and business growth. One key factor of moving forward during these uncertain times is – technology. Our technological and connectivity abilities are second to none, and to ensure that we all remain engaged and motivated; the ability to learn remotely is at the forefront.  There are so many effective ways of ‘logging on’ and staying up to date, but what we want to do at Maytrix is ensure that whether someone has 5 minutes, an hour or several hours, that there are easy-to-access methods available at the touch of a button.  

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