International Human Resources Day 2020

International Human Resources Day 2020

20 May 11:00 by Daisy Craydon



Here at Maytrix, we are celebrating International Human Resources Day by showcasing just how wonderful HR professionals are being right now, and celebrating their talents during a global pandemic.

Maytrix always puts people first in whatever we do, and under all our offers - people remain the central importance. We are all working remotely, flexibly and offering guidance to others about remote working, whether this be through FREE webinars (our Lunch and Learn half hour sessions have picked up real popularity) and championing mental health, wellbeing, business contingency plans and encouraging virtual collaborations. 

There are 5 reasons as showcased by the European Association for People Management to recognise HR and people professionals right now, and they are:

1. We are working hard to put people first during this crisis
2. We are enabling remote and flexible working practices
3. We are always championing physical and mental health and wellbeing, but now more so than ever
4. We are encouraging virtual collaborations and engagements everywhere
5. We are supporting real people, real organisations and adapting to a brand new norm 

Rebecca Owen, Maytrix Group's Head of HR and Resourcing commented: "Today marks International Human Resources Day, and I feel extremely proud to be a part of this sector right now. The amount of resourcing that has had to happen in such a short amount of time, because of this global pandemic has challenged HR professionals everywhere. At Maytrix, we continue to put people first and just like our very own Captain Tom, we are spreading the message that 'tomorrow will be a good day' and in the meantime, we can just juggle our personal/family time, different lifestyles and work schedules as best as we can. 

Rebecca continued: "We are championing mental health now more so than ever. Our staff's mental health is our utmost priority, and rightly so. We are all facing different challenges during this critical period, and here at Maytrix we are supporting people and organisations to adapt. The lunch and learn sessions we provide, and 1-2-1 consultations ensure that people feel mentored, accepting and understanding of what changes are out of all our control.

"It is a particularly demanding period of time for HR professionals, but as long as we put people first, then the challenge is a lot easier to embrace."

International HR Day is an opportunity to join your profession in an international recognition of all the hardworking HR and people professionals around the world.

Today we will recognise the profession, the work that we do and our positive contribution for individuals and organisations, on a national and international scale.

Join the discussion by using #InternationalHRDay on social media. 

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