Wellbeing and the road to recovery.

Wellbeing and the road to recovery.

26 Feb 13:00 by Melissa Ormiston




We have been fortunate enough to meet some incredible, resilient and insightful people through our free Wellbeing webinars.


One such person is Craig Prentice, Founder of mum, the hospitality specialist talent partner. He's had an impressive hospitality career and was headhunted into recruitment in 2012 (an industry he’d never previously contemplated) and quickly established great relationships through a natural desire to support people in an industry he still loves. His reputation grew and Craig has become a trusted industry name.


Craig is also Founder of initiatives nowpause.org and Walk for Calm, which will take place again in September 2021.


We asked Craig a few questions about wellbeing and work.


How has the past year been for you and how have you managed?


Early on in the pandemic I struggled to get my head around the sheer scale of it all or how unique everyone’s situation was. I personally had good and bad days. I relocated to the coast, about seven months before it all kicked off, meaning I have had physical space outdoors to ‘escape’ when needed.


My five biggies have been:


  • Reducing the noise - I have limited my news and social media intake and unfollowed, unsubscribed, disconnected from anything I felt either draws me back into what has been going on or had an effect on how I felt.


  • Walking - getting out in the fresh air has been key for me, particularly by the water with the dog. I’ve spoken to loads of people over the past year who admit to ‘walking off’ the way they felt.


  • Mindfulness - I use very basic relaxation techniques to help me unwind, destress or sleep better


  • Family and Friends – I have an incredible small circle of people around me who continue to inspire, support and encourage me in all that I do.


  • Purpose – I have been lucky to have time to invest in a number of wellbeing and charity initiatives, which have given me a new sense of purpose.


Did you change your approach with work?


It quickly became obvious how impossible it was to be there for everyone, all of the time. People clearly needed space and time to adjust and navigate through.


I’ve always adopted a ‘here when you need me’ kind of approach and I think this has been even more important, given how sensitive things have been and the situations people have found themselves in.


What advice might you give a colleague or friend finding it hard to cope at the moment?


Take a step back and put some simple things into place that help you focus on one day at a time. Try and plan your days with some structure and be spontaneous if you feel like it. Surround yourself with people who get it and get you, but most importantly do what feels right and works for YOU. In short, it’s about finding your ‘happy’.”


What opportunity do we now have?


I think there is an incredible opportunity for us all to put mental health and wellbeing high up on the agenda in our day-to-day our lives, whether that be through the interaction we have with our families, the genuineness of our friendships or in the working world.

It’s time to be proactive and positively influence wherever we can, everyone has an opportunity to play their part


Join us on Tuesday 2nd March, when Maytrix's Head of Learning & Development, John Neal, will be hosting our next FREE wellbeing session, looking at the road to recovery and how you can benefit from practical advice and tips.


The free webinar is open to everyone, so whatever sector you are in, or stage of work, please join us or pass the information on to anyone that you think may appreciate some support.


"It feels good to finally see some light at the end of the tunnel. This is definitely one webinar you won't want to miss, a very helpful tool for use with any roadmap for sure.” 

Craig Prentice, Founder of mum, now pause and Walk For Calm


If you would like more information about our Maintaining Wellbeing webinar, please don't hesitate to get in touch: info@maytrixgroup.com.


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