Mental Health First Aid tips

Mental Health First Aid tips

17 May 14:00 by Melissa Ormiston


Last week focused on Mental Health Awareness and we were delighted to welcome Mental Health First Aid experts Anne-Louise Pemberton and Christine Spencer to the Maytrix team.

As Mental Health is an issue that needs to be acknowledged all year round, we asked Anne-Louise and Christine for tips that can help everyone whatever their situation at home or work, today, tomorrow and beyond.


For a huge sense of wellbeing and calm, I would recommend to #connectwithnature

Recent statistics from the Mental Health Foundation have shown that 45% of us report that being in a green space has been vital for our mental health during the pandemic. So my three tips on that theme would be:

- Find nature wherever you are

- Use all your senses

- Build the outdoors into every working day

Anne-Louise has focused on resilience and positive psychology for the last 20 years in various learning and development roles, she works independently with clients in the private sector, education and as a registered coach with the NHS Leadership Academy. 

Anne-Louise works with organisations to develop mental health policies and to fully integrate mental health awareness, ensuring that everyone’s wellbeing is supported. She is passionate about reducing the stigma around mental health and contributing to better mental health for all.


There are a few very uncomplicated ways to feel calm and steady including:

It is important to look after your own self-care and take time out (the same as we recommend on the MHFA course)  

- Recognise what your own personal coping mechanisms are and ask yourself if they help or hinder reducing your stress levels- for instance having that one glass of wine as opposed to the whole bottle - there is no safe limit and will that bottle help you?!  

- Take some daily exercise 

- Maintain a healthy diet

- Do an activity that makes you feel good

- Take up a hobby

- Talk

- Undertake Mindfulness or Meditation

- Read a book

- Create a support list

- Most of all - Be kind to yourself and do what is useful to you!

Christine became a Mental Health First Aid Instructor so that she could help individuals and businesses be aware of what Mental Health is and how to spot the signs and symptoms of another in crisis or distress. 

Christine is passionate about educating others within businesses so they can protect and maintain the wellbeing and mental health of their colleagues. Christine is accredited to deliver the MHFA 2 day course alongside the ½ day Mental Health Aware course.

To find out more about Mental Health First Aid contact Kelly Collins at info@maytrixgroup.com.