The outbreak of COVID-19 is an unprecedented and rapidly changing time.​

​Businesses are concerned with long-term damage and acknowledge that now is the time for expert help. 

Maytrix Group Ltd has created a ‘COVID Taskforce’. A team of experts, ready to implement bespoke frameworks through the provision of learning and development, recruitment and growth support initiatives. Enabling businesses to review their existing strategies, accept the new environment, focus their workforce and help develop innovative business solutions.



We work with your leadership teams to

ensure that your people strategy is in line with

your new business strategy. 

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       Development programmes including 

Behavioural Assessments to ensure you have

the correct leaders now and in the future. 

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       Download our White Paper where we look at how business leaders can navigate their teams through these challenging times and find new opportunities

in the process. 

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Reshaping the 

organisational design of your

business through vital elements such as talent

mapping, recruitment, productivity and staff retention.