Covid Taskforce - Grow


Vital for business to move forward and thrive, this process looks at the state of a company's effectiveness in the past, present and future. The entire business is assessed internally at every level.

Whilst the evaluation is technical and metrics-driven, it offers the perfect chance for employees to engage and look at their own skills and how they relate to careers and the company as a whole.

Additionally, the process will identify potential leavers, opportunities for internal moves, succession-planning as well as talent development. 


Coronavirus has meant that staff have been furloghed which has brought, and continues to bring, many challenges.

There may be some resistence to coming back to the business and equally there may be changes that have to be made for them to return. Communication channels and openness will lead to staff being committed to working in their new environment and look at ways to improve collectively.


With the swift environment change of the COVID workplace, it's more vital than ever that your business is aware and adheres to policy and contract changes both now and in the future.

We work with you to take stock of current paperwork and ensure that they, along with any legally binding statements, are fair and accurate for both employer and employee. Working hours, entitlements, training, pensions and perks will all look different to businesses now and we ensure that contracts fit within the new structure of business.


We work with you to focus on your long-term goals, whilst we come out of a lockdown situation by surveying the situation internally and externally and look at choosing the right blueprint for your company.

We look at areas that find resistance, both internally and externally and we put the metrics in place to check that our new strategy is working.

We also look at the potential long and short-term transactional risks so that the business is prepared for future knocks.


Cultural surveys show that there is still a huge amount of anxiety during this period, with regards to work and life adjustments and this will not change for several months or even years.

Evidence shows that sustainable workloads are not possible without the balance of the employee's wellbeing and when this is increased, then inevitably productivity will increase too.


It's important to understand the underlying factors that may have led to a breakdown in the psychological contract between a business and its employees. Breaches of trust, failure to deliver promotions or lack of clear communication all lead to lack of motivation and reduced productivity. 

We work to find the best format to ensure that business leaders work alongside employees in acknowledging the importance and benefits of openly discussing trust, communication, feedback, work strengths and transparency.