Covid Taskforce - Train


We offer you, and your teams, a platform that is designed to deliver an engaging, accessible interactive and personalised learning experience. The diverse programmes have all been created to offer thought-provoking ideas on how to engage and learn to become more efficient and productive                    as a business.

Themes include how to determine competence in the workplace, getting the best out of the multi-generational talent, building stronger relationships using emotional intelligence and how to create a highly-focused connected and motivated workforce.


This process works for all levels of staff and for every sized organisation.  Our trained experts will look at what is needed to drive the partnership of teams forward and to ensure that processes are in place to provide support                 to leaders.  

We offer the training and knowledge needed to be effective and ensure that new skills are taken back to the workplace and put into practice. 


The current situation has had a huge impact on the way we work, that may never look the same again. In a matter of hours, organisations - in all sectors of industry - had to find a way of working flexibly and cohesively whilst trying to stay afloat. Remote working is now normal for the vast majority of businesses but how will it look in the future? 

We work with you to understand how staff has really coped with this new work environment and how it can be integrated to increase future productivity.  Areas in which we focus are seamless infrastructure, clear communication channels, connectivity with colleagues, wellbeing and find in the best site from which to work.​


Working with every member of the team, we will be able to formulate a creative and focused space where ideas and  visions are shared, and strategies formulated. 

Our experienced consultants know how to get the best information and observations from staff as well as analysing the results so, that collectively, they drive the business      towards a brighter more innovative future.


Ensuring you have the correct leaders for the future. How easy is it to spot true leaders in a company? Who has adapted to the current situation and taken all the negatives, turned them around and motivated other staff to do the same? 

We look at a number of areas, to ensure that champions are found by using assessment tools that are future-focused, looking at coaching skills, reviewing performance plus potential, looking at their own investment of time and effort in the company and how they're proactively working to help the business succeed. We also look at developing review techniques tailored so that they are regular and responsive to all outcomes. 


Beginning the day by sharing opinions, concerns and advice is an excellent way to ensure a productive and positive start        to work.

Our online sessions are coordinated and chaired to bring out the best in attendees and having it early in the day saves time, strengthens relationships and boost the team's morale. 



This period has allowed both businesses and staff to review their work life. Whilst productivity is important to maintain, there should be no fear in reviewing how the future looks for individuals in the company. It is important to put a quick, clear strategy in place to retain the high performers and to understand the motivation and aspiration of all employees and to see that works within the new company structure.

Moderate turnover can be good for a business, to offer new approaches and vision, however it's also important to keep a high level of morale. Therefore we look at how to maintain that balance by surveying staff, business procedures as well as understanding and demonstrating how the future work environment needs to look.​​


John Neal, our Head of Learning & Development hosts          a 30 minute, free webinar on Transactional Analysis  Communication Skills.​