Brand Development

Your brand is your company’s most valuable asset. Ensuring your company has a strong brand is vital for staying relevant, fresh and memorable in today's world. 

Your Brand Defined

A professional brand is best understood as your company's reputation, and it’s visibility in the marketplace. 

There is another important dimension of your brand to consider as well; how relevant it is to your target client audience. Is your brand reflective of who you want it to appeal to?

Brand Development Defined

Brand development is the process of creating and strengthening your professional services and overall brand reputation. As we help companies develop their brands, we divide the process into three phases.

The first phase is getting your brand strategy right and aligned with your business objectives.

Second is developing all the tools you will need to communicate the brand, such as your logo, tagline and website.

Finally, there is the phase of strengthening your newly developed or updated brand.

Your brand development strategy is how you go about accomplishing these tasks. To make the task a bit easier, we’ve broken the brand development strategy into 10 easy to follow steps, here's a snippet of how we communicate this to businesses.

A Step by Step Brand Development Strategy

Step 1:

Consider your overall business strategy

strong brand will make growing your company much easier. But what type of company do you want? Are you planning to grow organically or do you have other ideas? Your business strategy is the context for your brand development strategy, so that’s the place to start. Make sure you are clear from the very start about where you visualise you're business going.

Step 2:

Identify your target audience

Who are your target audience? Remember to be selective, as not 'everyone' is who you want to be reaching out to. High growth, high profit and clear objectives ensure that businesses have much higher success rates. 

Step 3:

Research your target audience

Businesses that conduct investigative research into their selected target audiences grow faster.

Research helps you get a clearer picture of your target audience's perspective and priorities, anticipate their needs and puts your message in a tone that resonates with them. It also tells you how they view your company’s strengths and your current brand. 

Step 4:

Develop your brand positioning

After completing the above steps, you will now feel ready to determine your businesses position within the marketplace. 

Identify how your company is different from others and why your target audience should approach you and not your competitors. 

A positioning statement is typically three to five sentences in length and captures the essence of your brand positioning. It must be grounded in reality, and resonate with your brand ethos and beliefs.

Step 5:

Develop your core message 

After completing these steps, you need to assess your core message for all audiences. The target audience will include a combination of clients, employees, associates, referrals, partners and that is only to name a few.  
The core message needs to be understood by all audiences, and have aspects that refer to all different sectors you wish to approach. Every audience has different concerns, and each need evidence to support your mission, your core message and of course, coincide with your branding. The brand needs to be relevant to every aspect of the business, including every audience member.

Step 6:

Build reputation for your brand

If your company has gone through a rebrand, then it is essential that your new brand coincides with your messaging still. It's also crucial that your audience doesn't disengage from you too. A new logo, tag line or even company name may help make better sense of your business objectives or merge, if that be the case. Remember, your name, logo and tagline are not your brand. They are a part of your brand identity.

Step 7:

Develop the content marketing strategy

Content marketing is like the 'putting things into action' step. Remember that your brand strength is driven by both reputation and visibility.
Increasing visibility whether that be online, in print or even word of mouth, without strengthening your reputation, this step is rarely successful. Don't do content building the wrong way, and ruin a brand before it has even got off the ground.


At Maytrix Group we can help your business GROW, and go from strength to strength with brand development. Whether you've gone through a merge, rebrand or a start-up, there is no brand too big or too small for our professional team of experts.