Virtual Events & Conferences

The business world is currently chaotic, and everything we once knew and lived, has been turned upside down; but at Maytrix we know that embracing the virtual world is key to adaptation and business growth. Maytrix can support you with going virtual and host all future events and conferences in a way that won’t be affected EVER AGAIN - welcome to the world of virtual!

We can offer you: 

    •    Fully facilitated virtual online conferences, events and interactive workshops 
    •    Attendee management, pre and post event communications
    •    Content planning and recommendations to make your content as engaging and 
        memorable as possible

Everyone of our event services are personalised and delivered in line with our understanding of your company culture, values and desired outcomes. All of event services are priced based on your individual requirements, so if you want a breakdown of costs please email info@maytrixgroup.com