Human Resources

The specialist team at Maytrix, deliver entrepreneurial and innovative HR Solutions for you and your business to flourish.

So how important is HR?

Your people are your greatest resource. Manage your employees fairly, motivate them, provide them with opportunities and they will drive performance to help you deliver success. Manage your employees badly and they will underperform or leave.

HR which stands for Human Resources is the umbrella term used to describe the management and development of employees in an organisation. HR has evolved over time, moving away from a traditional focus and now playing a strategic role across the organisation. There is more emphasis on creating culture and engagement within an organisation, which plays a significant role in business success, employee well-being, personal development and employee relations.

We recognise that to fully resource within an organisation, under the umbrella of HR, can be very costly or at times some organisations have one off projects that they need to outsource, but need a trusted partner to work with. Whatever your need is, Maytrix have an experienced and confidential team in place who can support you.

Services that we offer: 

  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding
  • Inductions
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion 
  • People Strategy Planning
  • Values Creation
  • Competency Setting and Maturity Evaluation
  • Performance Management
  • Staff Retention
  • Confidential Employee Surveys
  • Organisation Design
  • Cultural Engagement
  • Talent Management
  • Training and Development 
  • Succession Planning
  • Restructuring
  • Skills Gap Analysis
  • Behavioural Assessments 
  • Policies and Procedures  (Writing & Reviews)

Potential benefits of HR outsourcing

  • Reduced costs
  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved management information 
  • Access to diverse HR expertise, that may not be easily available internally
  • Increased flexibility and speedy responses
  • Reduced risks
  • To free HR resources to operate more strategically in-house

If you would like to speak with our Head of HR and Recruitment, please email info@maytrixgroup.com