Land Acquisition

We are looking to acquire land for residential development with a flexible and creative approach working in partnership with the landowner to suit their aspirations.  
we will consider all types and sizes of land: 
  • Strategic land 
  • Agricultural land and fields next to towns or villages 
  • Sites with a planning history, whether lapsed planning, sites with approval you are struggling to deliver or a refusal 
  • Land assemblies where you have neighbours with adjoining sites 
  • properties with large gardens 
  • commercial and industrial premises 
  • offices 
  • pubs and hotels especially those with large car parks and/or gardens 
  • brownfield sites 
  • vacant or derelict land or agricultural buildings 
  • disused sports facilities like playing pitches, golf courses, tennis courts or bowling greens 

Send the details through to us for free, and we will give you a no obligation assessment of the planning potential.

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