Behavioural Assessments

Businesses need to select candidates and suppliers with the right behaviours to secure future performance

​We design and deliver behavioural assessments of both candidates and suppliers as part of the procurement process from invitation to tender through to leadership assessments and behavioural workshops to help our clients select the right candidates and partners.  


Supplier selection is one of the most important decisions those planning a complex project must take. The client that chooses the right contractors will secure a supply chain with the right capability at the outset, maximising both value and chances of successful performance.

We work with our clients to understand what is required from their suppliers and how they will be working together post-contract. We have the capability to project manage or aid in the collaboration of the teams if required, giving timely and proactive feedback to our clients.   

We can create workshops centred around behaviour, looking at how individuals and teams work. We can hold behavioural Interviews, looking at how teams work together and how they fit within the culture and align to the values of each business.  


With unemployment at an all-time low and more and more individuals aging out of the workforce every day, it is critical to make sure that you hire the right person the first time, avoiding unnecessary time and money filling the position again. Very often when someone doesn’t work out on a job, it is because they don’t fit with what is required on the job.

At Maytrix we have assembled an excellent combination of behavioural assessment tools that can be used in any phase of the employee life cycle including selection, promotion, employee development, leadership development, team development, and leadership effectiveness.

Assessments aren’t just for selection, in addition Maytrix emphasises using Behavioural Assessments for identifying attitudes and functions of behaviour in a candidate. Armed with this information, a hiring manager in any organisation can manage an individual more effectively.