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The cost of a disengaged or actively disengaged employee represents an average 34% of their annual salary, with pre-pandemic levels soaring past a combined 65% (sector variances apply) of the team falling into this category, leaving a mere 35% actively engaged in their work. 

The challenges facing an organisation to prevent this dramatic figure from worsening are both achievable and measurable if you ‘act now’. Investing in your teams has never carried so much importance, to them, and to the success of your business moving forward.

The Colleague Support and Wellbeing package has been specifically designed to address the challenges we face in the modern working world.

The package comprises of a selection of live virtual webinar events, hosted by Maytrix, that aim to provide guidance and advice to colleagues and their teams across a broad, but relevant, selection of topics.

Our lives, in many cases, have been turned upside down and it is now, more than ever, that our basic needs are being constantly challenged. 

As an employer, we must always consider the needs of our workforce. However these difficult times have organically moved the wellbeing of our people to the very top of our agenda.

With that in mind, each session has been designed to provide colleagues with an opportunity to connect, engage and learn to support their individual needs, as well as others. They also provide a real sense of purpose and personal motivation.

To get a copy of the Colleague Support and Wellbeing package, and find out more, please email Kelly Collins, Head of Business Development at info@maytrixgroup.com or fill in your details in the contact form below.

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