Employee Engagement

The cost of employee dis-engagement in the UK during 2018 reached a colossal £340 billion. Yes
that is a staggering figure but you need to know how it translates into a specific business cost. With
this in mind Maytrix have developed an employee disengagement calculator that will provide you with
an opportunity to explore in general terms how much employee disengagement is costing your

The UK is experiencing a disengagement crisis with recent studies suggesting that up to 61% of staff
are either not engaged or actively disengaged. This suggests disengaged employees outnumber
engaged employees at a ratio of 2:1. Disengaged employees simply do not have an emotional
commitment to their place of work and find it hard to focus on business goals and work collaboratively
with colleagues to achieve them. As a direct result error rates increase and productivity levels drop.

What you hope for is a dedicated team of employees who are prepared to go above and beyond
when required, but in reality based on current figures, what you are presented with is likely to be an
inflexible and absent workforce that might be looking to move on when a suitable opportunity arises.
Employees who are disengaged cost on average 34% of their annual salary through absence,
performance and error rates and are more likely to leave which in turn will increase those costs even

Maytrix have developed the GENESIS program that provides the framework for us to work with your
organisation in developing a cultural re-alignment strategy that reduces turnover and all other
associated costs.

We will help your business to thrive by removing the shackles of employee dis-engagement.​

People do great work when they love their job.