Fit For The Future

The ‘Fit for the Future’ learning brand has been carefully constructed to deliver a suite of learning interventions that prepare your business for the future. Each fit for the future session has been designed to provide you with the key skills and strategies to manage your people more effectively. The program will equip you with thought-provoking ideas on how to engage with your team, reduce employee attrition rates and build efficiency and productivity levels. The fit for the future program is totally modular allowing you to choose which sessions are best suited to your individual requirements.

You have the choice to attend one of Maytrix learning’s scheduled open sessions held at a suitable venue, or opt for our tailored ‘in-house’ service where Maytrix Learning will facilitate the session at your location for your employees only based on your organisations specific need.

Put quite simply the choice is yours and it’s Maytrix learning’s overriding principle to design and deliver informative and purposeful learning that strives to keep you at the very heart of the learning journey.

Unit 1: Managing Multi-Generational Talent

How to get the best out of your multi-generational team by developing an inclusive and talent-focused workplace.


Unit 2: Determining Competence in the Workplace

Ensuring optimum business productivity levels by setting standards that develop a consistent and completely skilled workforce. 

Unit 3: Emotional Intelligence 

Building stronger relationships with your team based on emotional understanding and trust. 

Unit 4: Engaging Your Employees

Follow the 4 steps of employee engagement helping you to build a connected and motivated workforce.